Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Creative Seasons Hot glue gun stamps/stencils

A wonderful demonstration on glue stamps by Kathy Schmidt. 

The technique uses a hot glue gun  to create a stamp between two Teflon sheets 

Place design under a Teflon sheet. Use the glue gun to trace the design on top of the Teflon sheet. Brayer to flatten glue. Print  with flat side of stamp. 

Load make up sponges with paint. Brayer over heavily painted stamp with another teflon sheet or wax paper on top . 

Mistakes can be cut out easily. Cool. Appears cloudy and rubber like. Ink or paint on back flat side. Use dollar store food cutting mats to roll paint on stencil. 

-Can also use it as a stencil by spraying around the design.   
-Can also mount on them on wood or garden knee pads. Draw the design on with hot glue and it glues on. 
-Can add paint to the glue design so you can see it. 
-Can also add more layers of glue to the same design to create a thicker design.-Can also use Silicone caulk to create these stamps but  needs to dry overnight. 
-Can use syringe to create design. Wash immediately.

Elmers  glue gel resist text, then paint or dye.

knitting pattern headband/hat byPatrice Smith :  "Calorimetry" 1 variegated skein of yarn !

Painted Koi By Barbara Skimmin

Sunday, November 16, 2014

New Fibers

 Unusual materials including woven electronic cords, a ladder made of hot glue, drawer liners, organza, felt, hair rollers and wire. My favorite was the brick wall by Patricia Mink rich in textures. Excellent show through Dec 10 at 900 Oakwood, Ypsilanti.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Lighted glass block

Made this lighted glass block started with vinyl leaves. One side has a Thanksgiving theme and the other side has a Halloween theme. The view of the top of the block is the center picture. Just used Mod Podge to glue item.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Papercrafts with cupcake wrappers and punched leaves

Papercrafts at the Plymouth library.

The librarians made Thanksgiving turkey cards with cupcake wrappers and punched leaves. My cards are folded cupcake wrapper flowers and punched leaf flowers for Thank you cards from the same materials they generously provided.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Divided Souls in the United States of America

The spirit of a once united country is no more.  We are split between the socialists and capitalists, and the progressives and the conservatives.We are pro choice for the rights of a woman or pro life, for the rights of the unborn. We are now a divided nation along class, gender, political party, race, and religion. The quilt is a challenge for the theme, Day of the Dead.

Materials: aluminum, beads, charms, cottons, ribbons, sequins, trims
Embossing, sanding and stitching on metals, machine embroidered hands, hand and machine quilting. Patriot font digital quilt, designed in Make the Cut software, printed on fabric.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014