Thursday, May 14, 2009


This is the picture of the fire that was right next to the place my daughter rents.
She heard an explosion next door, saw the flames and rushed out the door and locked her doors behind her around 10 pm. It seems someone next door had been using a gas grill for dinner. The firefighters broke her doorframe to get in after she left and we had to call someone in to board up the windows that had cracks and to reinforce the door frame around midnight.
The vinyl siding on the side of her house looks terrible in daylight. They say it is structurally sound but there will be lots of work left
to do at her place as well.

She said the firemen arrived very quickly.
Luckily everyone in the neighborhood is fine.

She had a skunk that loved to live under her front porch. The fire smell got rid of the skunk smell!