Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Cyber quilting hints

Make your own jelly roll form your stash 2.5 inchs x width, about 40 strips
1 lb of quilting fabric is equal to 4 yards .. 1 yard is approximately 4 ounces
Project Runway begins on August 20 on Lifetime

Clean the iron by ironing hot over a wet Mr Clean magic eraser..Works great, no fumes, no mess.

Dritz self-threading needles: Pop the threads down through the top slip and then work the threads into the quilt.

The U.S. Mission to the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, is hosting a quilt exhibition in November, 2009 To create the exhibition, which will be held at UN headquarters here in Geneva, the quilt challenge is on the theme "Making a Healthier World for Our Children." Once the exhibition finishes in Geneva, it will be shipped back to the U.S. for touring at regional quilt shows in order to educate Americans on the vital work of the Global Fund in addressing these three major diseases - AIDS, TB and Malaria -- diseases which strike mothers and children disproportionately and are so disruptive of development and education for children. We are seeking American quilters interested in submitting a quilt for the exhibition via a challenge competition. Quilters and guilds which do not choose to participate in the quilt challenge may also support children's health programs by donating quilts of any kind to the U.S. Mission for sale at the annual UN Women's Guild bazaar, which yearly raises nearly $500,000 for children' charities around the world. Quilt guilds are also encouraged to adopt the Global Fund as a charity and donate to the Fund via the UN Foundation. Entry Requirements :
Theme: The aim of the exhibit is not only to explain the devastating effects of these diseases, but also to spotlight solutions and progress being made in the fight against HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria, particularly in relation to children around the world. The exhibition would be comprised of challenge quilts submitted to the U.S. Mission and photographs and informational panels provided by the GlobalFund. For those with older children who are studying international relations, this project presents an excellent opportunity for parent-child (or grandparent-grandchild) collaboration.
1) No size limitations. All quilts must include a 5” sleeve for hanging on the back.
2) Sew a label onto the quilt with quilter’s name, home town, year made and quilt title.
3) Fill out the entry and donation form, attached to this page, on the Challenge website. http://www.quiltchallenge.org/wp-content/uploads/2009/05/quiltbrochure.pdf
4) Provide a statement explaining the concept of your quilt and linking it to the challenge theme.
5) Group quilts are encouraged.
6) Finished quilts should be mailed by September 25, 2009 to: Dick Wilbur,Deputy Public Affairs Counselor,5120 Geneva Place,Dulles, VA 20189-5120

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