Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Operation Quiet Comfort Greeting Card Project
questions regarding cards. (
All cards are mailed to:
D Schneider
6305 Cape Charles Drive
Raleigh, NC 27617

The type of cards should be:
Thinking of you
Thank you
Cheerful Card

SIZE: Approximately 4x5 or ½ sheet of cardstock to fit into a quart size baggie, which is how we ship them.
** NO GLITTER or LOOSE EMBELLISHMENTS ** This is at the direction of the medical staff.
Every card we send -- whether in a Go Bag or a staff shipment -- must have a personal message written inside. Start off with “Dear Hero” or something similar. This makes it appropriate for any military unit service member.
The message can be a simple “thinking of you”, “thank you for your service” or a letter describing yourself, your family, your town. Write from the heart. Sign with your name/city/state. Ask family and friends to sign cards too. We like to have cards from many different people from all over the United States.
If you do not know what to write, OQC has members willing to fill your blank card with a heartfelt message.
We also welcome cards from children that follow these guidelines. ** NO ENVELOPES ARE NEEDED **

Operation Iraqi Freedom as reported for October 6, 200917,652 Wounded and Returned To Duty Within 72 Hours13,875 Wounded and NOT Returned To Duty Within 72 Hours======31,527 TOTAL<32> Increase from the previous monthOperation Enduring Freedom as reported for October 6, 20091,688 Wounded and Returned To Duty Within 72 Hours2,510 Wounded and NOT Returned To Duty Within 72 Hours=====4,198 TOTAL<391> Increase from the previous month These men and women don't want our pity but they do want and need our support! Please help if you can and take the time to extend the opportunity to others.

The Fall Freedom Fling is on Saturday, October 24 at theYpsilanti Moose Lodge #782 5506 Stony Creek Road, Ypsilanti, MI - .
Dinner, dancing, snacks and a great evening out and all proceeds will go to help OQC continue to care for our wounded
Tickets to the Fall Freedom Fling MUST be purchased in advance . Individual price for tickets is only $20 per person or $30per couple.A **TICKET SPECIAL** is now being offered - you can purchase a table of 10 tickets for only $120!! ALL 10 TICKETS MUST BE PURCHASED AT ONE TIME. AWESOME raffle prizes - from the Detroit Tigers, Detroit Pistons/Shock, two - 1 hour massages, dartboard in cabinet, and MANY other great items.This event has been organized solely by OQC volunteers, Order your tickets online now at : You can also send a check to PO Box 263, LaSalle MI 48145.

313-414-7950 questions