Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Infectious Smiles

The quilt is a result of two different for Flower Children for the Fast Friday Online group and the other for My Favorite Things for the Creative Seasons Art Quilt group.

My girls bring me Crazy Daisies, and say these are “I am glad you are not dead flowers” each girls has a bouquet of flowers in her hands.

My Favorite Things are my daughters’ infectious smiles. The figures can be dolls and separated from the quilt and are of my daughters, Lisa and Amy. Lisa’s heart is her new cat, Athena. Lisa’s portrait says I Love Chocolate when you press her body! One of her hands says she was Born to Shop...sales and prices are not that important to her.

Amy’s new home is in Washington DC and her arms are made from a tote bag. The illegal money her firm tracks is her skirt border. Her skirt fabric is from a tie ...Las Vegas is her favorite destination . She is a musician. Her guitar, cut from the Cricut, is right next to her. She thinks she should have as many guitars as I do sewing machines. The back of the doll portraits have huge smiley faces. When my girls spread their infectious smiles, they are so much fun.