Sunday, August 22, 2010


No-Flo, a resist that coats fabric that allows you to paint with Dyna-flo to get painterly results and prevent the colors from running in the fabric. After being heat set, no-flow washes out. Dharma, Dick Blick carries it.

Tinting wool. Kool Aid was the method most suggested. black food coloring can be used to mute color.

Texture magic: works with the steam of an iron and even better with a heat gun. Great results with finer fabrics and close stitching.

Collage pieces mounted on canvas. Used gel medium to attach the pieces to the canvas, along with some dyed cheesecloth to 'take' the collage onto the background.

WONDERFUL thread: Signature thread and the big 5500 yd cones are only $1 each.... After you go there click on ebay store in the left-hand side panel... once in the ebay store, type in signature in the little search box on the left-hand side.
QuiltPatterns many many Quilt patterns

Blog2print : blogs printed into a book

Tuesday Tessellation Tutorial Time

ATC exhibit for the Vernon Public Art Gallery in Canada - submit 6 ATC's and after the show, they will send you 6 ATC's from other artists:

Material Concepts: Tyvek in a tall, light-weight roll - it weighs about 4 lbs .