Thursday, August 4, 2011


The wedding was so much fun..catching up with LOTS of relatives, great food, a fashion show of beautiful, colorful  silk sarees and lovely jewelry and enjoyed great music.

From Poona we went to Mumbai. A couple of us checked ou the local art exhibitions and shopped for  great trims and fabrics for my quilts. We were in 2 of the areas 24 hours prior to the bomb blasts. Luckily we missed it and enjoyed shopping in the busy markets.

After the festivities in Poona and Mumbai, my cousin, Kirti and I went to Igatpuri by bus.
It is such a serene place during the monsoon season.. lots of waterfalls, hills, farms and is very green and lush. It was like stepping back in has not changed much in 43 years. We also enjoyed long walks and three great temples including the new Jain temple with awesome glass mosaics...