Monday, June 25, 2012

Embellished garage sale treasure

We found a figure of a person made up of nuts, washers, nails and screws looking at microscopic slide at a garage sale. I glued him on a colorful square plate, added a couple of colored pieces of glass to his desk, and mirrors for his microscope and slide. Addeda cadeuceus to his tie and  a velvet embroidered circular chair back to a washer and glued a sign with a test tube charm. Then, glued fabric texts, and  wrote "Consults" on a gold ribbon a pad and glued a science book on the desk.
I also cut up his name from an old credit card and made a nameplate for his desk.
Turns out the person who owned it prior to the sale, knew the recepient!

Before adding all the embellishments, it looked like the pictures below: