Wednesday, August 1, 2012

More Fun with Colorhue dyes

We started our fun day watching Marlene Glickman's great DVD on techniques with the Colorhuedyes. Susan used a glue resist and painted her silk with the dyes.  Karen spritz on the silk scarves. Jeanne swirled the silk  and clamped folded fabrics before spraying the dyes. The silk cocoons turned out great. We used half marbles, rubber placemats, cookie cutters, plastic lid containers, hibiscus toothpicks, floral sink mats, saran wrap and assorted garage sale finds for adding texture. I love the effects of the blue floral plastic lid, plastic doily, the rubber mat with grid and the marbles the most.

The best thing about working with these dyes is how fast they work and how non messy they are.

I really like the 55% cotton/45% silk fabric from Dharma...and plan on using it in my quilts.

Sharon dyed 2 scarves, one in her favorite color and one that she is wearing to match her raincoat!

Here is a link to Marlene Glickman's DVD on her website :