Friday, August 1, 2014

The Shell Game

The quilt is a result of three different challenges and will definitely become larger. The paper dolls represent the illegals at our border.

The "transparent" government is playing a shell game hiding the illegals across the country in order to "protect" their privacy. But they don't inform the American citizens and communities who will pay for the illegals.

Both political parties are pandering to illegals for their possible votes instead of protecting the American citizens they represent. Just who do US officials represent?  The government is burdening the American taxpayer without their consent for the illegal's housing, healthcare, education and other financial support.
Where are the illegals settling?
Who are they?  Children? Unaccompanied children? " Refugees"? Terrorists? Gang members?
Why are illegals allowed to break US laws and get rewarded instead of being returned to their home country?
If the illegals want to experience the American dream why not come here through the legal process and earn American citizenship instead of breaking and entering?