Friday, March 17, 2017

A Quilter's Paradise

 The final challenge of Project Quilting's Season 8 had a theme of Time's Up!

0.08 is the ticking deadline. The chimney declares a quilter's addiction. The palm trees, her process. The attic is made up of fiberglass window screen and vinyl printed stress. The question mark is made of hardware cloth. Her gutters show her being under the influence of fabric. Her philosophy of happily shopping for fabric is her door. The fabric discount card under net is her enabler. Selvedges count the variety of fabrics and colors in her stash. The path to her studio is lined with sewing machines and tools to her success. Her body is an hourglass made of sheer ribbon and her hands are on her hips because of her fast approaching deadline. The fiber artist text is free motion quilted and is the foundation of her happy place She embellishes her studio with pins from many quilt shows and organizations that also enable her.

A Quilter's Paradise is 26"x26"