Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Art of Cooking

This is a quilt I made for the Fast Friday Challenge where we had to take an ad and use those colors in a quilt. I gave it to Mary who is a master chef and makes great pies.

Saturday, January 2, 2010


Waterproof fabric or paper with Medium-Golden matt or shiny medium instead of using vinyl.Apply with a paint brush.

Simulate a single hole plate, place a piece of tape over the hole on your regular plate and run your needle through it a few times to make a hole
... You can approximate the single hole plate by cutting a piece of clear thin plastic. Heat the tip of a nail and melt a SMALL hole into the center. Place the plastic under the presser foot and hand-walk the needle into the down position, with the needle going in to the center of the hole. TAPE the plastic to the surface of the sewing machine. Presto, instant single-hole plate cover. Just make sure it doesn't come loose, or you'll end up with plastic sewn to the back of your quilt.

Prevent color transfer:Use 1 cup Epsom Salts - - CHEAP - - - works great. Wash red, white & blue fabrics in the same load - - not a hint of color transfer.

Save the backing papers from the commercial printer fabric by putting waxed paper over the sticky part. They can be reused many times by pressing muslin to it and rotary cutter trimming the edges off.

Rinse the silk scarf in a container that allows it to be laid out completely flat (eg a bath tub, or a photography developing tray, or aRubbermaid/Sterlite storage box). Check wash fastness of the colors. Buy a couple of gallons (8 - 10 gallons) of deionized water . Lay the scarf out on a layer of nylon tulle (the fine net, slightly larger than the scarf) on the bottom of the clean bath tub a little up from the drain (drain closed). Then gently pour on the room temperature (no more than 75 degrees) deionized water until the scarf is just floating a little bit off the bottom of the bath tub. Allow to soak about 20 - 30 minutes and then open the bath tub drain and let the water drain away. Sniff the water - you may smell mothballs, dust. You probably will have to put a gloved (nitrile preferred) gently on the scarf to keep it from moving initially with the water. Definitely wear protective gloves if you smell mothballs - those chemicals are really bad for you so protect yourself. If you smelled mothballs and/or the draining water is colored , repeat the rinse process again. There is no need to add any soap, detergent, conditioner, vinegar, etc. You do not want to leave behind any other chemicals.After the last rinse, lift the scarf out of the tub using the nylon tulle and place on an absorbant sheet or fabric. Carry the lot to the drying area: clean (sprayed with very hot deionized water and wiped dry) countertop made out of formica, granite, laminate or a piece of Plexiglas/Acrylite acrylic sheet (slightly larger than scarf). Gently turn the lot over, so that the scarf is now down on the counter/acrylic piece. Spray with additional deionized water so that the scarf is floating again on a layer of water. Gently manipulate wet-out scarf with your gloved fingers, straightening and gently patting out wrinkles, creases and bubbles. When the scarf is straightened as feasible and wrinkle-free, gently blot the scarf using an absorbant sheet or fabric (straight up and down). Allow to dry in place on the counter/acrylic piece (OK to have an electric fan blowing in the vicinity). Because of the thiness of the silk scarf, it will dry within a few hours. Do not use a hair blower or other source of heat. After it is dry, gently peel off the counter. It will look like it has been ironed without exposing that old silk to the high heat of an iron.

A magnet pan at the auto supply store to hold lots of pins and the safety pins.
Or magnetic bowls for holding screws, nuts & bolts, etc
..Extendable wand with a magnet on the end to pick up pins from the floor without bending over.

Prevent thread tangling: take each skein, wind it around a 12" ruler, cut it at one end, slip a bone ring onto the threads, slip the color band on it, then braid store on shower curtain hooks .

2010 International Quilt Festival/Chicago
Donald E. Stephens Convention Center
Rosemont, Illinois, USA
April 16-18

Tutorials including a hot glue gun bezel, beaded flower video tutorial and a couple of floral motifs created with ultrasude
border designs.

borders - the why and how

Quilt Top Settings; Borders; Sashing

piano key Sentimental Journey redwork - will do as a BOM Sweet Nostalgia BOM 09-10 (Sept block unavailable)(embroidery) A Walk Through the Garden 09-10 Border Quilt BOM 09-10 Mushroom BOM 09-10 (paper-piecing) Nature BOM 09-10 (experienced paper piecing) What is Love BOM 09-10 (embroidery) Redwork Seasons BOM 09-10 (embroidery) 09-10 2010 BOM (several years still available)

Fabric Warehouse Romulus and Hoover Rd. have been closed for 2 weeks now. A New Fabric Warehouse Superstore opens January 4th, 2010. Both stores, Romulus & Hoover Rd, are closed and making 1 giant Superstore now open 6 Days a Week with fabrics starting at $1.99/yd

Fabric Warehouse Superstore
1993 Tobsal Ct.
Warren, MI 48091 586-756-2117 Click here for a map of the New Fabric Warehouse.