Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fish for Fiberart Trade

These 6-7" fish will be swappped next month.
I used punchinella,lace, trimsand beads among the embellishments.
I cannot wait to see which ones I get back!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Embellished garage sale treasure

We found a figure of a person made up of nuts, washers, nails and screws looking at microscopic slide at a garage sale. I glued him on a colorful square plate, added a couple of colored pieces of glass to his desk, and mirrors for his microscope and slide. Addeda cadeuceus to his tie and  a velvet embroidered circular chair back to a washer and glued a sign with a test tube charm. Then, glued fabric texts, and  wrote "Consults" on a gold ribbon a pad and glued a science book on the desk.
I also cut up his name from an old credit card and made a nameplate for his desk.
Turns out the person who owned it prior to the sale, knew the recepient!

Before adding all the embellishments, it looked like the pictures below:

A relaxing garage sale find

A find for my daughter... she says it reminds her of Grandma.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Needlework and Textile Guild of Michigan annual luncheon

The Needlework and Textile Guild of Michigan members shared their beautiful artwork at the annual luncheon..very inspiring! This was the last meeting at the current location.
We will be celbrating 40 years at a new location next year.

New York fun

New York City bus trip with over 50 quilters included shopping in the garment district, City Quilter, Mood Fabrics, Times Square and checking out Lenore Crawford's gallery exhibit.

We stopped at Central park, and admired the and the lovely "Imagine" mosaics. We checked out the Dakota across the street and the horses and policemen in the park.

Our leaders who planned our trip: Kaye, Sharon and Wanda.
They gave us handmade totebags, luggage tags, snacks, drinks and went above and beyond to make  our trip an enjoyable one. They also had us collecting receipts and business cards for contests and prizes

We were also challenged  to decorate plain white caps that they gave us at our pre trip party. They were lined up on benches along Central Park for voting.

We also bargain shopped in Chinatown and the Flea market. Here a couple of beautiful large murals in Harlem.

One of the neatest places we went to was Mackenzie Childs, 14 West 57th Street. They also have a store in Palm Beach FL.

We took the Staten Island Ferry at dusk , enjoyed the wonderful breeze and the view of the well lit buildings of the city at night.
We stopped at the magnificent Grand Central Station, Chrysler building, Rockefeller Center and our tour guide who also moonlighted as an actor and process server, showed us other interesting highlights including the local Maserati dealer. We were amazed to learn that they deliver groceries and they will even send somebody to your place to inventory what you need and deliver them to you!

The New World Trade Center building that is still being built was impressive. The North and South pools where the former buildings stood had the victims' names. I searched for Cathy's name. I had made a quilt for her family after 9/11 with her photos and clothes. She was only 24 years old and was scheduled to be married that month.

The "survivor tree" told its own story.

We learnt that a 15 minute ride from NJ to Manhatten took over 2 hours in traffic during rush hour!
But the views going into the city were great. Next time I will skip the bus and travel by subway which was by far the quickest way to get around the city. NYC was very easy to get around as the streets were numbered. The whole trip was special because I shared it with my mom.