Wednesday, June 22, 2016

"Portals" exhibit

Two of my quilts are on display with the Creative Seasons’ "Portals" exhibit.The Gift of Life art is on the first level of the University of Michigan Cancer Center until September 11, 2016. My quilts began life as positive negative images of the arches and took a different life of their own. Even the peacocks are positive negative images.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Ecoprinting with friends

Our process for ecoprinting:
Saturate fabric in white vinegar bucket
Add leaves to a different bucket with rusty water (the mordant).
On a table, lay  the right side of fabric up with no folds. Alternate directions of leaves from the rusty water bucket on top of fabric. Roll tight on Copper Pipe that is an inch wider than scarf and secure with twine. Different color pony beads on ends of string marked who created the fabric.

Place the rolled up and tied fabric in large pots of boiling vinegar, onion skins, and Eucalyptus leaves and rusted iron metal at least three hours. 

Other variations:
-Onion skins crumpled onto soaked fabric gave an orange or yellow color to the fabric. It takes about a gallon size Ziplock bag of onion skins to print one scarf!
-Anotto seeds gave an orange halo
-Geranium Ginko ,Oak leaves soaked in rust FL   Fold fabric in half and place them in between.
-Snip bits of tea bag on fabric
-Tri fold edges.   Use Saran wrap for resist. Loose ties.
-Wrap strings in opposite directions..give really neat lines on the edges
-The best results seemed to be on heavier silk and wool

 Eco Printing works mainly on silk and wool with great results.Ideas and inspiration:

Ecoprinting Retreat

Kathy hosted us in Shelby, MI at her beautiful home overlooking lake Michigan. We had a wonderful time and enjoyed the scenery, sunset, friends and learning new techniques