Wednesday, October 28, 2020

October Surprise...Censored In The USA!


On October 14, 2020, a major news story from the oldest continually published daily US newspaper (founded by Alexander Hamilton in 1801) with the fourth largest circulation today was censored. The New York Post could not even post their own news story nor could their news be shared by Facebook and Twitter users. Never before has the freedom of the press and freedom of speech been silenced in the history of the US.

 Materials: Paper, foam, cotton and metal.

 Techniques: The jail, computer and umbrella were designed in software and cut with an electronic cutter. Printed paper and fabrics were layered underneath. The paper was fused, stitched and glued with matte medium.

Friday, October 9, 2020

America’s Wheel of Fortune


The 2020 vote will determine America’s future and freedom.

Made a list from A to Z of each political party, designed the quilt in software.                                          Some text is printed on fabric, some are diecuts.

Cotton, net, charms, trims


Handyman gift

Made a gift for the handyman with his business name